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Dead Sea by Vanzetti

Dead Sea Postcard Real Diamond of the Judean Desert

The Dead Sea – the Real Diamond of the Judean Desert                …The birth of a new day, the sunrise over the Moab Mounts, in front of the not less picturesque and even more ancient – Judean Mountains. The Judean Desert from the West and the Arava Desert from the East strongly embraced one […]

Dead Sea view from kibbutz Ein-Gedi

Ein Gedi Postcards. Oasis on the western shore of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, some 400 m. below sea level.

Ein Gedi – a desert oasis – green scenery in the midst of the yellows and browns, located west of the Dead Sea. The name Ein Gedi is composed of two Hebrew words: ein which means spring and gdi (or gedi) which means goat-kid and you will certainly encounter the mountain goats scampering up the […]


History of postcards

   It’s definitely impossible to trace today who was the first one ever to think about creating a greeting card. History hasn’t any notice about it. The first mentioning about a greeting card goes back to as far as 500 years B.C. At that time they were made of papyrus scrolls and in Chinese and Egyptian cultures […]