Canvas Art Work Meeting Good w Evil

Author Canvas Art Work Meeting Good w Evil by Vanzetti

Meeting of the Good with the Evil

            Once upon a time, many years ago, when our planet was still anonymous, at one of the Galaxy meetings, after the continuous battles between the Warriors of the Light and the Darkness, the truce was established.  Both the sides decided to discuss how to live in future.  Either to proceed the same as before – the endless war or to set a kind of balance between the parties      and to watch the model of the new created planet, which by the majority of voices was given the name of Earth. The Angels of the Light and the Darkness were sent by the Galaxy Community as observers and assistants in difficult situations to a newly born planet and its first people, existing then as separate tribes.  Guardian Angels had the more difficult mission – they had to solve sometimes unbelievably complicated tasks, connected to the People’s development through different evolutionary stages, directing them towards these or those actions, related to the Work of Heart, Soul and Body! But sometimes even Angels needed some rest from the constant conflicts between themselves, trying to keep the people, who were under their guardianship, in the state of Eternal Harmony. They drew to each other, trying to learn more – the Dark about the Light, and those of the Light about the Darkness. They were well aware that they would never join the opposite side, but their irrepressible Hearts aspired to investigating and comprehending new feelings, yet unknown to their Hearts and Souls… When meeting, they shook hands with each other – hands, aspiring to comprehend incomprehensible, to a temporary peace and Angel’s Love…


Canvas Art Work Meeting Good w Evil

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