View from ARAD City Art Postcard

Israel Podstcard

Dead Sea from Arad city, Judean Desert, Israel


Here is all that a hiker could ask for: formidable steep cliffs high above and dropping down to the Dead Sea and there is the mountainous desert landscape and in its center is the largest planted forest in Israel – the Yatir forest, in between the vast grazing lands of our ancient father Abraham. All around are fascinating ancient sites where Jewish identity has been kept in the heart of a Christian ancient world: fortresses. Roman roads, fresh ground water, local wild animals, flocks of sheep, desert herdsmen and much more…

All this rich landscape, which lies in the space between Beer-Sheva and Hebron Mountains down to the Dead Sea, offers marked and signposted travel routes for family vehicle, jeep, bicycle and rambler.

In the heart of this open space is the town of Arad, the place where visitors come in the summer season to stay for a while and enjoy a clean and clear climate.



View from Arad City

Israel Postcard

Big Negev, Judean Desert, Israel