Ein Gedi

Ein Gedi POSTCARD – Oasis of the Dead Sea, lowest point on earth (-400 m)

Ein Gedi

Israel Postcard – Ein Gedi 

Israel Postcard Ein-Gedi Botanical Garden, Dead Sea


The site of Kibbutz Ein-Gedi Nature Reserve is one of the most beautiful and important in Israel. Two perennial streams cross the reservation: David and Arugot. Four water springs rise in it: Ein David, Ein Arugot, Ein Shulamit and Ein Gedi. The track is intended for hikers and demands a bit of an effort. Due to the unique climate conditions, tropical water and desert plants grow side by side in the area. The reserve is also unique in its birds, its reptiles and in its mammals.

At the location there are also many archeological relics among them a shrine dated 5000 years before our time and ruins showing constant Jewish settlement in the area since 1200 years. In ancient times Ein-Gedi was praised for its palm trees and persimmon fruit from which the most expensive perfume of those days was produced. There are several walking tracks one may enjoy in the reserve, which are suited for the whole family. We shall enter the botanic gardens of kibbutz Ein-Gedi where the members of the kibbutz planted some 900 plants of different kinds from various areas around the world, as well as a large cactus farm.


Ein-Gedi. Winter

Israel Postcard – Ein Gedi, Winter

Postcard Flood in the Judean Desert, David River, Ein-Gedi Nature Reserve, Dead Sea

Ein Gedi Nature Creation

Holy Postcard – Ein Gedi Nature Creation

Israel Postcard Hyrox-from “the elephant family”, Ein-Gedi Nature Reserve