Underwater Art Postcard Eilat

Art Underwater Postcard Eilat, Israel

EILAT (Israel)

Art Underwater Postcard




Close your eyes and imagine beautiful beaches, white sand, hot sun and blue sky, surrounded by breathtaking mountains and a sense of freedom. Now open them and get on the first plane to Eilat, the southernmost city in Israel, where you will get all this and much more, since we haven’t talked yet about Eilat !

Eilat is located in the south of Israel, just on the border with Egypt, and as such exotic destination, appeals to Israelis from all over the country as well as to travelers from all over the world, which are heading south, stay at one of Eilat and enjoy a great sunny vacation. If time is on your side, and you’re in Israel for a long while, you can combine a vacation in one of Eilat with other interesting, magical cities such as Tel Aviv orJerusalem or with other attractions, such as the Dead Sea or the north of the Israel, since it’s rather small country.



But if you’re here only for a short time, take it easy and enjoy all that Eilat have to offer:  Eilat lies on the Red Sea, is surrounded by stunning  cliff and desert scenery, bringing a sense of calm and peaceful atmosphere to the city and its guest. The waters are completely transparent, making diving and snorkeling easy and breathtaking, as you can clearly see the fascinating underwater life: famous corals, rare species of fish and more. Some of the finest Eilat hotels are located just a few steps from the beach, making it really easy to enjoy.  Eilat offers also various restaurants with many kinds of local and international dishes, a vibrant nightlife and a really friendly, welcoming atmosphere;))!

Art Underwater Postcard

 Underwater Postcard