Art Postcard of the Dead Sea – BUTTERFLY




Postcard Israel

Once upon a time, when man still knew that butterflies pass his wishes to heaven, an ancient tribe inhabited impassable forests, wild jungle where all knew how to fly, like moths. They would expand their long arms-wings, pick-up speed on steep slopes and jump from the edge of deep cliff. Shooting up, they would utter in inner voice one spell, which would make their bodies light and airy, like a summer zephyr — refreshing sea breeze, cooling down after day heat.
But some residents of the tribe practiced flying together – such flights when their souls and hearts merged in the same rhythm, combining in a single stroke whose name was Love! An ancient technique, but completely forgotten over time. Many years have passed since then. Love remains, while flights of Hearts and Souls were lost and forgotten. And only occasionally, when a couple of passionate hearts merge in the same rhythm, one can see a butterfly flying by — a symbol of transferring of our desires to heaven and sorrow for the untimely lost heart flights.


Hamey Zoar, Dead Sea, 2012