About us

At Holy Postcard we are passionate about what we offer. As a values and vision-driven company, we work to make this world a more diverse and humorous place, to add to the meaning and richness of this life. The items we offer are carefully selected, and frequently changing. These are more than just more material products to us. We offer easy access to images of a changing world, and hope we can be your best source.

Postcards are vastly under-rated as a medium that can educate and communicate, as well as amuse and inspire. The postcards we offer are more than just a pretty picture or tourist scene, since plenty of tourist postcards can be found elsewhere. Because postcards are small and inexpensive they are often overlooked.

The images we see can have a huge impact on our thinking and our lives. We hope that providing easy access to this unique mix of images will make our world a more diverse and humorous place, will make our lives a bit richer.